Katleho Family Holdings is a manufacturer and distributor of products supplying directly to retailers and consumers. Our aim is to create employment and opportunities for the youth of South Africa.




  • To become a sustainable and growing company
  • To become a local manufacturer
  • To produce our product at a scale that it becomes nationally and internationally available 




  • To promote our African Languages by naming our product accordingly as Bonolo Toilet Paper
  • To build confidence amongst the youth
  • To continually produce excellence and quality in our brand and its standard




Katleho Family Holdings is currently manufacturing toilet paper using the branded name Bonolo Toilet Paper which is of high quality and softness.

In addition to this we also manufacture household cleaning detergents. Our packaging is branded using green, yellow and black.


The significance in the colour palet of our product symbolises prosperity, economical growth and boldness


At Katleho Family Holdings our commitments are outlined in the way we operate as a business, which are to ensure job creation by striving to open a manufacturing plant in the township and in so doing identify ourselves as household name and brand which will inevitably generate international recognition